So what do we mean by “Your Perfect Beach”?

The term “Perfect Beach” has a lot of implications, but with InstaBeach, we mean a beach that…

  1. is the most comfortable temperature range for YOU
  2. is sunny and dry during YOUR travel dates
  3. is closest to you based on YOUR current location

We personally had too many instances where we had a specific beach in mind for our next vacation, but unfortunately it was during the rainy season so we had to look for other beach options.

With InstaBeach, we did all the research in advance, so all you need to do is enter your travel dates, comfy temperature range, and you’ll get several beach suggestions that are customised to your preferences.

Therefore, if you do need to look for other beach options, or you don’t have a specific beach in mind in the first place, the thinking and research are all done for you.

PLUS, it takes into account the distance from your current location, showing a list of beaches ranked closest from your location.

Try it out –>



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