Tumon Bay, Guam is My Perfect Beach


According to my preferences, if I were to go to a beach resort in January, MY perfect beach is Tumon Bay in Guam.

How did I get this result? 

Step 1: I set my travel dates from Jan. 21st to 31st, right when I’m feeling the holiday blues after Christmas.

Step 2: My comfortable temperature range is 24.0°C → 30.0°C, so I input those numbers in the search box.

That’s all you need to do.

As for the rest, notice the “Closest” button next to the Departure Airport section?  That section should automatically show the closest airport from where you are currently located.


However, if that does is not your desired airport, you can type in another airport.

The results page shows beaches that best fit your preferences, in the order of beaches that are closest to your desired departure airport.

That is why for me, my perfect beach is in Guam.


If you have the same travel dates and temperature preference as me, but you’re desired airport is Chicago O’Hare International Airport, YOUR perfect beach will be St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

Try it out –>

Photo credit: David Leaño



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